About Us

Chairman and Founder

Mr Shiva Reddy is the founder and creator of this highly recognized and renowned construction company in Bangalore India. He is a remarkable personality who has established this amazing construction company. With a vision of modern and quality construction, his company is offering great deals to the clients. Mr Reddy’s hard work and dedication has long-drawn-out the company to Hyderabad and very soon they will be established across the country.

Excellence In Construction & Plotted Development Since 2015


The Pranaveer Builders was established in February 2015, in Bangalore. Holding years of experience, now the company has become one of the most renowned construction companies in Bangalore. Imprinting its positive individuality in real estate and construction sector, since years. The honorable owner Mr Shiva Reddy has expanded the business and its operation in Hyderabad as the most perceptible and trustworthy construction company.

Pranaveer Builders handles assorted construction projects, including industrial properties, commercial and residential projects. At Pranaveer, it’s alleged to present the best quality along with incredibly intended and crafted projects, to give our clients the best and worthy outcomes.

They have successfully completed various projects and plenty of projects are running, across the cities in Bangalore and Hyderabad. Eminence, pace, security & innovative constructions are few of our priorities while constructing your dreams. We desire to offer quality results and complete satisfaction to our clients, with upgraded technology and this makes us the best construction company.